Kosher Kings

We’re raising Kosher King meat birds instead of the more common Cornish Rock Crosses. We raise them for meat for two reasons:

1. They have shown to forage more, and put on more weight using less feed, and

2. They are a heritage breed that tends to maintain its physical integrity throughout the growing process, (i.e., they don’t have leg issues, nor as a high a mortality rate).

Kosher Kings taste more like chicken, and less like really tender, flavorless meat. If your interested in trying some, let us know! We raise them in small batches, in spacious chicken tractors that are moved daily to provide them with access to fresh forage. We swear it’s the organic feed, grass and bugs that makes them so delicious. They make the best BBQ chicken we’ve ever eaten!

Here’s an interesting, albeit inconclusive article regarding the efficacy of raising Kosher Kings vs. Cornish Rock Crosses.

These are our birds the day of slaughter. Most of them dress out between 4.5-5.5 pounds, and they are quite literally the most delicious chickens I’ve ever eaten. Aren’t they gorgeous?